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About Psychic Ivy

Certified Psychic & Master Reiki Healer in NV, RI, & FL

My name is Ivy and I am a 3rd generation natural born Cairvoyant Psychic & certified Reiki Master. I come from a ultra spiritual family who are no stranger to the art of Fortune Telling, Spell casting & Reiki Energy Healing. I have traveled abroad to 4 different continents to master and strengthen my gift I've been blessed with. Ive been working out of my personal offices & over the phone since 2010 striving to give only the best readings & services.

If interested in my services or have any questions at all feel free to contact me at anytime.


Full current life reading: This reading entails details of your past, present, & future in all areas & aspects of life, can answer any questions you may have & can look into any situation or event.

My Full Current Life reading is recommended for first time clients. normally $200USD but for first time clients  $150USD

Full tarot deck reading : this reading looks into your past, present & future & answers any questions you may have. 

Palm readings are an additional $25 add on to any reading. 
Also offering:

Tea leaf readings
Past life readings
Pet readings
Love, protection, luck,
wealth & custom spells 
and much more.

Contact me for more information on these services.

All services are by appointment only & available by phone & in person.


Reiki healing can be done in many different ways depending on many factors

The way I was taught is the most effective for the overall emotional, spiritual, physical & mental health for of the individual receiving the treatment.

My Reiki energy healing has been very effective for those experiencing: 

Mental & physical fatigue 
Dietary disorders
Difficulty Concentrating 
Mood swings
Brain fog
& Much more

Before any Reiki services are done you must have a Charka & Aura assessment to look into your chakras current state of balance, alignment, & energies as well as the current state of your aura. 

By appointment only

Advising in:

Family Matters
Energy healing
Mental health
Life coaching
All Matters spiritual & physical.

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